April 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 – 3 Apr 1917
The Battalion continued fatigue at GINCHY till the 3rd, where it moved to MAUREPAS, which was a very comfortable camp. 3 Coys were in NISSAN huts, whilst the fourth was in good dug-outs. The Battalion was able to use the Baths daily.
4 Apr 1917
Two Coys worked on COMBLES-FREGICOURT road & two Coys trained. ?Spring? drill was started for half platoon sergeants & half section commanders of the Battn – The Commanding Officer was on leave.
5 April 1917 6 Officers & 24 NCOs attended a demonstration of Contact Patrol Work given by 9th Squadron R.F.C. The Battn was working on COMBLES-FREGICOURT-SAILLY-SAILLISEL road. Platoon were reorganized as laid down in SS143 i.e. 1 Rifle section, 1 Lewis Gn section, 1 Bombing Section and 1 Rifle Bombing section per platoon.
6 -9 Apr 1917
Good Friday. The Battn continued work on road mending. On Easter day/8th Services were held in Church ??? hut.
10 Apr 1917 One Coy (No 3 Coy under Capt. Neville) moved to MONTAUBAN for work at CHALK QUARRY (S2OC). This work consisted of loading trucks on the railway. 74 men joined the Battn from works Battn.
11 – 17 Apr 1917
The Battn continued work on COMBLES-SAILLYS SAILLISEL road. 17th the Commanding Officer returned from leave and temporary command of the Brigade.
18 – 21 Apr 1917 The Battn moved to CLERY a very well situated camp with excellent surroundings for training purposes. The Battn was in tents; several corrugated iron huts were made for sergeants mess, shops etc.Sectional training was carried out. From 19th – 22nd, each company was attached either the Rifle Range, Lewis Gun Range, Bombing Ground or Rifle Bombing Ground for the whole day. In this way Company Commanders were able to train their section thoroughly  as laid down in SS143. Each day 1 hour of drill was done as well as 1 hour physical drill & bayonet fighting.
22 Apr 1917 The Commanding officer returned from the Brigade to the battn.
23 Apr 1917 A Platn competition was carried out between sections. Each Coy had the range for 2 hours & the ??????? alert section paid in the evening. During the time Companies were off on the range Platoon training (???/???? and attacks) was carried out.
24 Apr 1917
An inter Platoon bayonet fighting competition was hold & platoon training was continued.
25 Apr 1917
The Battn moved to LE MESNIL (034089) + took over camp vacated by 1st Battn Coldstream Guards, who took over camp at CLERY.
26 Apr 1917
The Battalion commenced fatigue on Railway from ROCQUIONY.
27 Apr 1917 The Battalion continued fatigue.
28 Apr 1917 The Battalion continued on Railway fatigue, 1 company laying rails, remaining 3 companies preparing the road.
29 Apr 1917 (Sunday) A free day from fatigue. Company Commanders took out their platoon and section commanders a short ???????. Voluntary service at night.
30 Apr 1917 The Battalion continued Rly fatigue finishing near ETRICOURT.

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