August 1916

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Aug 1916 On Aug 1st the Bn moved at 7.30 a.m. (was 1st line of transport which was brigaded) into the edge of the the BOIS DU PARC. (E.4.). Here it bivouacked to await arrival of buses. A very hot day, but men well in the shade and good ???????. Buses had been ordered to arrive at 5 p.m. Eventually about half the requisite number arrived at 9 p.m. and two companies (less two platoons) were left behind to await remainder of buses. Moved by bus to J.17.C. and came under orders of the 20th Division arriving at 2 a.m.. Men very uncomfortable in bivouacs. Morning of the 2nd very hot indeed. LENS 1/100,000.
2 Aug 1916 The company commanders went up to see the line. The Bn was ordered to deepen several C.Ts and make them good to a distance of 500 yards from the front line backward. On morning of the 2nd Bn moved into another camp in J.23.R. where the men were much better off being in bivouacs in a wood. Each night companies moved off at about 7.30 p.m. and return between 4 and 7 a.m. As it is 4 miles to entrance of C.Ts from J.23.a and 600 yards to 1000 yards up to front line it can be seen that the front line was an arduous one. 57.D. 1/40,000
Draft 40 O.R. joined 3/8/16
2 -7 Aug 1916 Companies worked on the following trenches NAIRNE, JORDAN, WARLEY, GREY, BLENEAU, FLAG, DELAUNAY and on one or two of secondary importance. By the night of the 6/7th (work was done on this night) work was finished and all the trenches had been deepened at least ¾ and in places more. All had been made good for 500 yards. Lt. G.H. Hirst
Lt. W.A. Stainton
2/Lt. A. Penfold
2/Lt. H. Williams
joined Bn 6/8/16HEBUTERNE sheet 1/10,000
7 – 8 Aug 1916 Battalion moved into camp in the BOIS DU WARNIMONT, arriving at 6 p.m. Training. Gas lecture by Div. Gas expert. Inspection of gas helmets. Bayonet fighting.
9 Aug 1916 The Brigade was visited by H.M. the King. In the afternoon at 5.30 p.m. the Battalion moved into billets at Beaussart and became in fact the reserve Bn. The 1st Scots Gds were then holding the front line. 57.D.1/40,000
11 Aug 1916 On the morning of the 11th the Battalion moved back to billets in BETRANCOURT replacing 2nd Bn Grenadier Guards there. Training: drill, bayonet fighting. Capt G.B. Nugent
joined 11th
12 Aug 1916 On the 11th a guard of honour under Capt. A.K. Mackenzie was found for the French President and Commander in Chief at DOULLENS. Guard was conveyed there by lorry.
13 Aug 1916 Battalion relieved 1st Bn Scots Guards in the trenches, marching by platoons. The leading platoon marched off at 5.30 p.m. 50 men were detached as Brigade P????? platoon under Lt. A.D. Whitehead.Trench dispositions as follows
1 company from jct of BROADWAY & ESSEX – HUNTER with 2 platoons SEAFORTH TRI
1 company from HUNTER TRENCH & front line (3 platoons front line 1 in HUNTER)
1 company CARDIFF ST
1 company & Battalion H.Q. 88th trenchThe trenches were very fair but there was a certain amount of shelling and trench mortar fire. Consequently the front line was thinned considerably during the day, and held very lightly.
Beaumont Hamel
sheet 1/10,000
?????????? ?relief?
do.8 O.R. wounded
night of 13th
(1 D of W)
14 Aug 1916 Arrangements were made for a discharge of gas on our front, but owing to a slight drop in the strength of the wind, the orders were cancelled. Gas proof dug-outs made. Stretcher bearers armed with gas ??????. All men wearing their helmets rolled up on their heads. 1 O.R. wounded 14th
15 Aug 1916 Orders were received that the Bn would be relieved by the 8th Bn Bedfordshire Regiment on the afternoon of the 15th. This was carried out by 5.30 p.m. and Bn moved into camp just behind MAILLY-MAILLET. Night rather wet and in bivouacs. Water difficult to obtain. Lt. C.G. Gardner
2/Lt. G.M. Cornish
Joined Bn
16 Aug 1916 Moved into billets previously occupied by the Battalion in BETRANCOURT.
17 Aug 1916 Moved into camp at SAILLY-AU-BOIS. In support to 1st Bn Scots Guards. The Battalion was rather tightly packed in two fields. About 12 noon enemy opened fire on the town with field guns and 4.2s. The Battalion had to be taken ??? of ??? and ?“blobbed”? in the fields in ??? of it.Two casualties were incurred, which was fortunate considering the number of shells fired. In view of the fact the Bn was very crowded, tow companies were moved into 7.23.a into bivouac. About 8 p.m. however, the enemy re-opened fire and the shells fell entirely at our end of the town. Two companies again had to ????. No casualties occurred, though several shells fell into the middle of the camp his known a minute after the ??? platoon had left. Those two companies were accordingly also moved into bivouacs at J.23.a Heavy rain during afternoon. 1 O.R. killed
1 O.R. D of W
18 Aug 1916 Cloudy and wet.
19 Aug 1916 H.Q. moved into huts, to give more room to men.
20 Aug 1916 Moved into camp at BUS-LES-ARTOIS after being relieved by 1st Bn K.R.R.C.
20 – 23 Aug 1916 Training. Drill. Bayonet fighting. Smoke helmet practice etc.
23 Aug 1916 Moved into camp at AMPLIER – a march of about 8 miles – as a brigade. Battalion in rear. Lens 1/100,000
24 Aug 1916 Moved into billets at NAOURS as a brigade. This was a march of about 12 miles. Fine but hot. Men very fresh at end of march. Battalion in front of Brigade. AMIENS 1/100,000
25 Aug 1916 1st line of transport marched at 8.30 a.m. to ???? in MORIANCOURT a distance of 24 miles. Bn marched at 2 p.m. to CANAPLES where it entrained at 4.45 p.m. Detrained at MERICOURT at 9.45 p.m. and marched into billets at MORIANCOURT. Billets filthy and flies very bad. ALBERT 1/40,0002/LT. P.W. CASSY joined Bn 22nd
26 – 28 Aug 1916 Billets at MORLANCOURT. Training in open fighting. Bn practiced moving in artillery formation and in extending from it. Plenty of room in W???? country. ?Half? in house musketry. 2/Lt. S.G. Worsley
joined Bn 27th
29 -30 Aug 1916 Smoke helmet drill over every day. practice trenches dug on the 21st. Weather very showery. 30th continuous rain.
31 Aug 1916 Training. The Battalion formed up in 3 waves and practiced assaulting a position.

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