August 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Aug 1917 6 am
Bn H.Q. moved to GRAND BARRIERRE House. There was a good deal of shelling and machine gun fire all day. The Battalion was relieved immediately after dark by the 1st Bn Irish Guards and marched back to Bivouac No 1 in the forest area.Total casualties in the Battle = 26 Killed 113 Wounded 12 Missing
2/Lt B.J. Dunlop, Captain G.?. East RAMC Killed
2 Aug 1917
The Battalion rested.
3 Aug 1917 The Battalion relieved the 1st Battalion Scots Guards on the 2nd Guards Brigade attacking front, the Bn moving first by train to Elveringhe and then march route. During the relief 2/Lt G.M.G.A. Webster was killed being hit by a shell. Disposition of companies in the line was:-No 3 Coy R.Front  No 1 Coy Grand Barriere Line
No 4 Coy L.Front No 2 Coy Blue Line
H.Q. Grand Barriere House.

The Battalion held the line with slight casualties until the enemy ***Note by transcriber: entry ends there, possibly a missing page?***

***Note by transcriber: No entry for 4 Aug 1917, likely a page is missing***
5 Aug 1917 of 5th inst when they were relieved by the 1st Bn Grenadier Guards. On completion of relief the Bn moved by motor busses to HERZEEZE.
6 – 15 Aug 1917 Two companies and Headquarters are billeted in the village and two companies and the transport outside in ?farms?. These days were spent in reconstituting platoons and in individual training. A Lewis Gun range was placed at the disposal of the Battalion & was used every day.
15 – 18 Aug 1917
The Battalion moved to this ?area? to-day in two parties and are billeted in huts. The first party consisting of 250 men under Major G.E.C. Rasch D.S.O. proceeded by motor bus to P???? & then by train to Elveringhe for work in the forward area in conjunction with the 76th F.Coy R.E. They started at 6 am & returned in the evening to the new billets.The remainder of the Battalion proceeded by bus starting from ?Herzeele? at 7.30 pm. The Battalion was in Corps Reserve whilst the 29th and 20th Division attacked on the 16th. All objectives were taken and a considerable number of prisoners.
19 Aug 1917
The Battn moved to HERZEEZE by bus, and returned to same billets as before.
20 Aug 1917
During stay at HERZEEZE company training was done and training of specialists. Also Battalion ???? and Practice ????.
21 Aug 1917 The Brigadier presented Medal ribbons to NCOs and men who had gained them on 31st.
26 Aug 1917 There was a Battalion Field day in which an attack was practiced. This was carried out on same lines as attack on 31st.Chief faults were not keeping close enough to barrage which was represented by the ??????.
27 Aug 1917 Battn moved to DE WIPPE CAMP and continued training as before. Steady Drill Physical Drill and Bayonet  Fighting were done. ?Also? patrols were practiced. The Battn had use of the Baths.
29 Aug 1917 The men were required for fatigue. Carrying duckboards E of the STEENBECK. The Battn remained at DE WIPPE CABERET until the end of the month

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