August 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Aug 1918 The Battn took over accommodation from 1/SG in reserve. During the reserve tour our ?field? programme of training was carried out by the Battn. Outpost and Advance Guard scheme were practiced by all Coys. Each Coy did a 10 mile route march in file marching ?over? with cookers and lunches, ?????? were eaten on the march and Coys proceeded to RANSART BATHS on the completion of the march.Field firing was carried out by platoons on the F.F. range and L/G teams ?made? practice on the 30 yds range.

On the 5th Lt Col. W. Reid DSO, Commandant of the G & Q L/G school visited the Battn and lectured all Lewis Gunners on the L/G; at the same time answering the questions and suggestions which were put before him.

5 – 6 Aug 1918 On the night of the 5th/6th the Battn, under the 2nd in Command relieved the 1/SG in the front line. A Coy and Bn H.Q. of the 320th Regt. U.S. Army who were attached to the front line Battn, for instruction were taken over in their disposition from 1/SG.2 Platoons of No 1 Coy and 2 Platoons of 320th Regt. in OUTPOST LINE, 2 platoons No 1 Coy and 2 Platoons 320th Regt. in the RIGHT RED LINE. No 4 Coy in the LEFT RED LINE, No 3 Coy in the SUGARY, No 2 Coy in ADINFER.

The Commanding Officer and BHQ personnel of the 320th Regt were attached to our BHQ throughout the tour, a patrol from BHQ and one from the OUTPOST Coy were sent out nightly.

6 – 7 Aug 1918 The Battn patrol under 2/Lt R.G. Papillon encountered a German patrol in OBSERVATION TRENCH. One German was severely wounded. Identification marks were brought in.
7 – 8 Aug 1918 No 2 Coy relieved No 1 Coy, who then became Reserve Coy in ADINFER. The 2 Plat. of 320th Regt. in RED LINE relieved their 2 plat. in the OUTPOST LINE.
9 Aug 1918 The Battn was informed that a further identification was required.
9 – 10 Aug 1918 No 3 Coy relieved Outpost Coy, No 1 relieved RIGHT RED LINE Coy, No 2 Coy then became SUGARY Coy. Personnel from 320th Regt. attached proceeded out of line.Capt. Churchill and 2/Lt De Reuter with the Brigade patrol party penetrated a thick belt of German wire and fired on a party of 30 or 40 of the enemy, several were seen to fall.
10 – 11 Aug 1918 2/Lt De Geijer and 20 O.R. raided a post at S28d48 under our artillery barrage. ZERO was at 3.15 am. The raiding party formed up in front of OBSERVATION TRENCH at 3 am. At ZERO + 2 the artillery barrage was joined by a stokes mortar barrage and the raiding party rushed enemy post in 2 parties, under De Geijer and Sergeant Butler DCM. Enemy however had abandoned the post; 2 of them were seen to run away ??? before the party rushed in. Valuable information was brought back and no casualties were sustained. The “All in” signal, consisting of 3 red lights, was sent up at ZERO + 12 minutes.Enemy retaliated with Trench Mortars on the OUTPOST LINE, killing 2 and wounding 3 OR of No 3 Coy.
11 – 12 Aug 1918 Battn was relieved by 1/CG in front line and took over accommodation from 1/SG in SUPPORT as follows:- No 4 Coy RIGHT COY, No 3 Coy LEFT COY in WINDMILL SWITCH, No 1 Coy SUPPORT COY in HAMEAU SWITCH, No 2 Coy in RESERVE.
12 Aug 1918 The Battn was in support for 4 days. Training was carried out by Support and Reserve Coys. Front Coys found 90 per night for fatigue.
14 Aug 1918 The Battn bathes at RANSART
15 Aug 1918 Capt Tufnell and 1 N.C.O. per Coy were attached to the 2nd Bn 320th Regt. at E.7 for 4 days in the line.
15 – 16 Aug 1918 The Battn moved back into Reserve in same position as previously.
16 Aug 1918 Orders were received for the Battn to move to SAULTY V2.a. Battn marched off 9 pm and was in Billets by 1 am. Billets were good.
17 Aug 1918 Coys did steady drill.
18 Aug 1918 All Officer attended a lecture on Co-operation of Tanks and Infantry at SAULTY CHATEAU. Divine Service for Battn.
19 Aug 1918 Commanding Officer lectures all Officers & N.C.O.s in morning on the forthcoming battle.The Battn bathes. Rifles and L/Guns inspected by Armourer Sgt.

Battn embussed at CHAPPELL DUMP at 8 am. Detailed account of ?? been issued of Operations on 21st 22nd 23rd. ***Note by Transcriber: No separate account of these days has been included in the War diary***

23 – 24 Aug 1918 Relieved by 2/SG and moved back to dugouts & shelter in AYETTE.
24 Aug 1918 Battn moved out in pm to area as follows: BHQ X14.b.21 (old support BHQ) No 3 Coy X19.b.5.9. No 1 & 2 Coy at Bank X19.d.5.6. No 4 Coy at X20.d.8.4. Accommodation was good. Fresh dugouts were made for drafts which were expected.
25 Aug 1918 Coys reassigned and made up deficiencies. Platoons were assigned with 2 L/Gun sections & 1 Rifle section. Lt J.A. Inglis Jones joined the Battn.
27 Aug 1918 Coys trained young section commanders and L/Gun instruction was carried out. Conference of Lewis Gunners was held at 2.30 pm to discuss points raised by the recent operation.
29 Aug 1918 No 2 Coy went for route march. No 3 Coy on L/Gun range. Draft of 23 OR joined from 4th Battn.
30 Aug 1918 No 3 Coy went for route march. Draft of 65 OR joined from Base.
31 Aug 1918 A kits day was to have been carried out in conjunction with the Details who were at ?BEMES? AU BOIS. Owing to the weather it was put off. No 1 & 4 Coys went for a route march.

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