December 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Dec 1917 On night of 1st/2nd the Battn relieved the 2nd Bn Grenadier Gds in the line in the GOUZEAUCOURT sector without casualties.
4 Dec 1917
The Battn was relieved by Coys of the 1st & 2nd South African Regiment and proceeded to GOUZEAUCOURT WOOD. Total casualties during the 3 days in the line 8 O.R. wounded.
5 Dec 1917 Battn marched off at 6.45 pm for FINS. On approaching FINS, it appeared to be shelled somewhat heavily so the Brigadier ordered the Bde to proceed to ETRICOURT, the entraining station. An empty camp was fortunately discovered here, so the Battn spent the night in comparative comfort.
6 Dec 1917 Entrained for BEAUMETZ-LES LOGES. Entrainment was to have been done at 8.30 am owing to the bombing but train did not arrive till 12.30 pm. Reached BEAUMETZ at 5.30 pm, and marched to SIMENCOURT about 2 kilometres on, where Battn was to be billeted.
7 Dec 1917 The Battn ‘cleaned up’ and reorganisation was begun. ?Organisation? of Right and Left Coys was discontinued. Camp very muddy; men well in huts and fairly comfortable.
8 Dec 1917 Adjutants Parade. lewis Guns and Rifles inspected by Co????????.
9 Dec 1917 Divine Service held in Recreation hut in village. Battn allotted to Baths.
10 Dec 1917
???? Drill and physical drill done. The Battn was ordered to be at 2 hours notice to move between 6.0 am and 9.0 am each morning.
11 Dec 1917 Class of young Corporals started under Regt Major. Rifle range allotted to Coys and snipers daily.
12 Dec 1917 Assault course at Q44 allotted to Coys for bayonet fighting.
16 Dec 1917 Training was continued on these lines, and lectures given on Gds ?Div?.Trench Standing Orders 135 O.R. assigned from Reinforcement Battn with LT GODMAN & 2LT W.A. PEMBROKE. The Battn was now reorganized though still 200 OR below strength.
18 Dec 1917 Divine service.
19 Dec 1917 Weather became very cold.
20 Dec 1917 Adjutants Parade day.
23 Dec 1917 The following officers joined the Battn from Gds Div Reinforcement Battn and were posted as follows:Capt N.C. Tufnell to No 3 Coy
Lt C.H. Bedford to No 4 Coy
Lt W. Champney to No 1 Coy
2Lt G.D. ?Banbury? to No 4 Coy
24 Dec 1917 Adjutants Pde – captain G.D. Ridley M.C. left Battn to be 2nd in command of Guards Div Reinforcement Battn.
25 Dec 1917 ?Dinners? eaten at 1.0 pm.
26 Dec 1917 One hours Physical Training done – Lecture by Commanding officer to officers and NCOs.
27 Dec 1917 Training for the rest of the month was devoted to Wiring, Musketry and Bombing.
30 Dec 1917 Coy Commanders went up to the line to see sector which is to be taken over.
31 Dec 1917 Preparations for move up to ARRAS on 1st ?made?.?Moved? ?Harry’s? from SIMENCOURT ???????? LEVIS BARRACKS

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