January 1916

War Diary – 3rd Grenadier Guards – 1916

1 Jan 1916 Moved from MERVILLE to LAVENTIE and relieved 2nd Bn Scots Guards in billets
3 – 4 Jan 1916 Relieved 2nd Bn Scots Guards in left sector. Bn H.Q. was now at WANGERE FARM and ROAD BEND POST had been destroyed by shell fire. The enemy gave the impression of being more active in this sector and shelled our communications RUE MASSELOT, RUE TILLELOY, BEDFORD ROAD all daily.
5 – 13 Jan 1916 Back to LAVENTIE on night of 5th. Carrying out same routine of 48 hours in and 48 hours out. Bn H.Q. was shelled to HOUGAMONT POST as shells fell from WANGERE.The trenches in this sector were by now in a very good state and we could afford to put up some splinter proof shelters and go in for refinements. The enemy continued to shell more than previously. On the evening of the 8th the Div holding the line on our left discharged some gas which travelled well. On the 12th at 4.30 p.m. the Bn on the right sector made a feint attack and put dummies up on the parapet. At the signal of a red light at 4.31 p.m. we opened rapid fire from our 3 right companies. The enemy were ???? ??? ?reply? ?tardily? with heavy but still accurate ??????.The operation was on the whole a success and we were able to judge what points would be shelled in a real attack.On the 12th Col Corry relinquished command.During this period a troop of Wiltshire Yeomanry were attached to us for instruction. their conduct was admirable, though they were quite new to trench warfare.
14 – 17 Jan 1916 Marched back to LA GORGUE. Lt. Col. G.D. Jeffreys took over temporary command from 14th-17th. Training was carried out. Subaltern Officers were put on squad drill.
18 – 24 Jan 1916 Major B.S. Brooke D.S.O. assumed command on 18th. Training as above.
25 Jan 1916 Information was received that ???? railway activity was ?watched? behind enemy lines. An attack was thought possible. General precautions were taken against the possibility of a gas attack. Each company ?within? trenches of LAVENTIE was provided with rockets. On afternoon of 25th we were relieved by 1st Bn Welsh Guards in left sector.
25 -28 Jan 1916 No incident of importance occurred. The enemy artillery were fairly active. They shelled ELGIN POST and FAUQUISSART and also HOUGAMONT POST. On 28th from 2-4.30 the enemy ?offered? a lot of ammunition without result. The above posts were shelled, also ?????, TILLELOY, MASSELOT ROAD, ROAD BEND POST.
29 – 31 Jan 1916 In support at LAVENTIE.

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