January 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War Diary – 1917

1 Jan 1917 Spent in the line.
2 Jan 1917 Relieved by Ox & Bucks Light Inf. without incident.
3 Jan 1917 Bn entrained at TRONES WOOD at 1 AM & arrived at CORBIE at 1 P.M.
4 – 9 Jan 1917 Bn was at CORBIE. Time spent in doing fatigues & making up defectives. No time was available for training of any sort.
9 Jan 1917 Bn moved from CORBIE to BILLON FARM camp by motor bus. ALBERT 1/40,000
10 – 11 Jan 1917 Spent at PRIEZ FARM in dug-outs. Bn employed in improving its dug-outs which were bad.
12 Jan 1916 Relieved 1st Bn Scots Gds in the line. Front held by Bn extended from U.26.C.7.2 to U.26.a.4.8 & consisted of islands. These were in a much better condition than those previously held. ?BONCHAVEST? 1/10,000
12 – 16 Jan 1917 In the line. posts improved and work done on reserve line.
16 Jan 1917 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Gds. Bn marched back to Y Camp MAUREPAS ALBERT 1/40,000
16 – 20 Jan 1917 Spent in Y Camp. Most of the time taken up with fatigues.
20 Jan 1917 Relieved 1st Bn Scots Gds in the line.
20 – 24 Jan 1917 In the line. Wiring carried out round the posts and some new posts built.
24 Jan 1917 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Gds. Bn spent the night at Y Camp MAUREPAS
25 Jan 1917 Bn marched to the PLATEAU and entrained for MERICOURT. ALBERT 1/40,000
26 Jan 1917 Spent in clearing up & improving billets. These were moderate.
27 Jan 1917 Bn had use of ???? Baths at VILLE. Fresh clothing issued.
28 Jan 1917 Bn less 1st line Transport marched to BRIQUETERIE A.4.G. for fatigues. ALBERT 1/40,000
29 – 31 Jan 1917 Bn employed in making foundation for Dec?????? Railway at MORVAL.This was a tiring fatigue owing to distance we had to walk & the frozen nature of the ground. Camp consisted of NISSEN huts and was good.

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