January 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

***Note by transcriber: The writing 1-10 Jan is very feint and difficult to read.***
1 -4 Jan 1918 Bn continued at “B” dump ARRAS ?????? ?EMMPOUX?. Railway ??????? delayed relief, no casualties.???? ???? ??? Right ?????? of Right sector. Dispositions No 2 Coy Right No 4 Coy Centre S of ?River? SCARPE No 3 Coy on left N of ?River? SCARPE (under OB left ?????) No 1 Coy in reserve. HQ JOHNSON AVENUE H30d.

Front line was held by posts. Trenches were in very good state & sector was very quiet. Work consisted of improving parapets and cleaning of posts. A ??? ????? ??? otherwise hardly any shelling. Casualties 3 OR wounded. Weather very cold & snow on ground.

5 – 6 Jan 1918 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards. Bn went onto right reserve No 2 & 4 Coys in ?LANCER? AVENUE (H29.b.9 & H29.d.). Bn HQ H23 central No 1 & 3 Coys CRUMP & CORDITE RESERVE (N of river) I.19.A. A good deal of work required in improvement of trenches. Baths at ????? LOCK available for No 2 & 4 Coys.
9 – 10 Jan 1918 Relieved by 1st Bn Irish Guards. bn less No 1 & 3 Coys entrained at B ??? ????? about ????? W of B. HQ N ???? ARRAS at ? ???. Right Coys did not reach ARRAS till 1.0 am owing to the train with relieving troops breaking down. Bn was billeted in LEVIS BARRACKS. Very good accomodation.
10 Jan 1918 Cleaning up. Following awards were paraded. Bar to D.S.O. Lt Col H.F.H.N. THORNE D.S.O. D.S.O. 2/Lt (at Capt) C.W. CARRINGTON, M.C. Capt J.S. HUGHES (wounded), Lt. C.C. CARSTAIRS, 2/Lt H.C. KNOLLYS.During the eight days Bn was in reserve in ARRAS. Training was conducted on the following lines: – Steady Drill (Only 1 Coy allowed to drill at a time). Wiring, bombing & Gas helmet drill. Ranges allotted to Bn on alternate days & a good training area available daily.
11 Jan 1918 Officers and section commanders on Field Firing Range under Commanding Officer. Draft of 200 men arrived.
12 Jan 1918 Inspection of new draft & training under Coy arrangements. Draft was trained separately for first few days.
13 Jan 1918 Baths allotted to 1 & 3 Coys & new draft. Parade service 11.15 am at the St Georges Club Hall. New draft firing on range under Asst/Adjutant.
14 Jan 1918 New squad of young corporals parade under Sgt Major. Stretcher bearers lectured by Medical Officer. Lt Col. A.F.A.N. THORNE D.S.O. to command Brigade.
15 Jan 1918 Training under Coy arrangements. Bn concert in evening.
16 Jan 1918 Officers and Platoon sergeants inspected the line. Major R.H.V. CAVENDISH M.V.O. returned from leave & took command of Bn.
17 Jan 1918 Bn went into R subsector of left sector. Entraining “O” dump 5.30 pm – Relieved 4th Bn Grenadier Guards. Relief complete 11.30 pm.Disposition of Coys took place as follows, No 1 Coy became centre Coy for Support Coy. each of 3 front Coys then had 4 posts in front line with Coy HQ in CURLY SUPPORT.

Remainder of Coys in line of strong points “C” & “D”. reserve Coy in C4D12 (By Bn HQ). Frost has thawed & trenches were in appaling state. Work concentrated on clearing & revetting. Sector very quiet.

21 – 22 Jan 1918 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards. Bn relieved to reserve. (HUDSON, LEMON & PUDDING Trenches) HQ at H.16.b. Fatigues were done under Bde arrangements. 1 Coy working on CAMEL AVENUE daily. Work, revetment of trenches which had fallen in in many places.
25 – 26 Jan 1918 Relieved 1st Bn Scots Guards in front line. No 3 Coy was right ???, No 2 Coy came into reserve. weather had much improved but trenches still in very bad condition. Hostile artillery lively. Gas shelling of back area & Trench mortaring of front line & junctions of C.Ts. casualties 1 OR killed 2 OR wounded.
29 – 30 Jan 1918 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards and returned to Reserve Trenches ?? ?????. Remained there till end of month.

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