July 1916

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Jul 1916 On night of 30 June / 1st July relieved the 1st Bn Scots Guards in the left sub sector.On the 1st our artillery was very active and carried out an ?organised? bombardment over a large front. 12” howitzers were also firing and often heavy guns on M.G. Emplacements and strong points. This was in preparation for an attack by the WELSH GUARDS on MORTELDIE ESTAMINET and to deceive the enemy as to the extent of our own activities and to lead him to anticipate our attacks on a large scale. This artillery fire drew considerable retaliation but not much as was expected. 1st
4 O.R. wounded
2 Jul 1916 2nd Bn Irish Guards on our immediate right were to make a raid on night of 2nd/3rd and our artillery was again active during the afternoon. Just before zero time a dummy mine was fired near our right. The enemy only replied feebly during the retaliatory bombardment but when our field guns started an intense bombardment, he laid down a heavy barrage over our CTs and over Canal bank. This retaliation on right front company was also severe. The men however had been withdrawn from the front trench F30.E.29 into a disused drain a dry ditch running at right angles to top of COLNE VALLEY C.T. 10 mins after the Irish Guards assaulted enemy opened a strong trench mortar fire on YORKSHIRE and WHITE TRENCH using a large type of shell. 2nd
2 O.R. killed
6 wounded
3 Jul 1916 Activity less and day much quieter. We made some redistributions by which a portion of trench on left left of right front company was ???hold? in daytime but only by bombing posts at night 3rd
1 O.R. K
1 wounded
3- 4 Jul 1916 On night of 3/4th the Bn was relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards and withdrew to the CANAL BANK into support.
4 – 7 Jul 1916 Work done in improving dug-outs and traffic ways along canal bank. A quiet period.
7 – 8 Jul 1916 Relieved 1st Bn SCOTS GDS in the trenches. 7th
3 O.R. wounded
8 – 11 Jul 1916 Fairly quiet. Our patrols were active and much successful sniping was done. 10 of the enemy were accounted for during this period.The work made good progress. COLNE VALLEY C.T. which had been very wet and the mud up to the knee was drained completely and trench boards laid. The parapet in YORKSHIRE and WHITE TRENCH was greatly strengthened and extensive draining done. Work was also done on the line of BUTTS. A lot of wire was put up. 9th 1 O.R. Wa10th 1 O.R. killed
1 D of W
1 wounded11th 1 wounded
11 – 12 Jul 1916 Relieved by 1st Bn Scots Guards and went back into support on the CANAL BANK 12th 2 wounded
1 killed
(????????? from ??)
14 Jul 1916 Quiet. Work continued as above.
14 – 15 Jul 1916 Relieved by 1st Bn Welsh Guards and marched to Camp ‘E’
15 – 22 Jul 1916 Remained in Camp “E”. Training. Particular attention was devoted to bayonet fighting, physical drill, and ????? ??????. On 22nd the Bn was due to relieve 1st Guards Brigade in right sub sector.
22 Jul 1916 Orders were received however that the relief was cancelled.
25 Jul 1916 On 25th Bn entrained on light railway and wnt into billets in VOLKERINGHOVE area.
29 – 30 Jul 1916 Entrained at ESQUELBECQ, having marched there, at midnight. Detrained at PETIT HOUVIN and marched into billets at LE SOUICH. It was a very hot day and the men were considerably exhausted towards the end of the march (11 ½ miles)
31 Jul 1916 Billets LE SOUICH. Lens 1/100,000 sheet 11

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