July 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Jul 1918 Training was continued according to programme. range practices and wiring were carried out. Ref. 51c.S.E.
2 Jul 1918 Bn Marched to HUMBERCOURT (U.8.d.) where they bathed in Chateau grounds and returned after having their dinners.
3 Jul 1918 The Approach March & Counter attack scheme were carried out. No 1 Coy on R., No 2 Coy on L., and No 3 Coy in support; marked enemy were found by No 4 Coy.
4 Jul 1918 The Comdg. Officer and Coy Commanders proceeded to reconnoitre the line. Approach march and counter attack schemes were carried out by No 3 & 4 Coys under 2nd in Command.
5 Jul 1918 Platoon drill competition took place was won by No 5 Platoon (Lt ADAIR).
6 Jul 1918 Bn parade took place in morning. Details marched to BAILLEULMONT under 2nd in Command.
6 – 7 Jul 1918 Bn were taken to RANSART in buses, whence they proceeded on foot & relieved 10th Bn Ar S Hdrs ***Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders*** in R. sector of Divisional front. (The same sector held by Bn at the end of March).Relief was quiet and complete by 1.45 am.

Dispositions of Bn Nos 3 & 4 Coys in front line, No 1 Coy in support, No 2 Coy in Reserve, Bn H.Q. in BOIRY ST MARTIN.

During the whole of the tour two officers patrols were out every night from dusk till dawn.

7 Jul 1918 Nos 1 & 2 Coys found working parties for RED LINE.
8 – 9 Jul 1918 Dispositions of Bn were altered. No 1 Coy relieved Nos 3 & 4 Coys in front line & became Outpost Coy. No 3 & 4 Coys moved into RED LINE which became their line of resistance.
9 Jul 1918 Working parties were found by No 3 & 4 Coys on RED LINE.
10 – 11 Jul 1918 Bn was relieved by 1st C.G. and moved back into Support taking over accomodation from 1st SG as follows:No 3 Coy as R. Coy in WINDMILL switch (X.23.c)
No 4 Coy as L. Coy in WINDMILL switch (X.23.a)
No 2 Coy as support Coy in HANEAU switch (X.15.d)
No 1 Coy as Reserve Coy at X.13.d.0.2
BHQ at X.14.a.9.5.

Casualties during above tour 4 OR wounded.

Training in support was carried out as follows:- Bombing, Rifle Grenades & Musketry. A good deal of work was done to improve accommodation in WINDMILL SWITCH. No casualties were incurred.

14 – 15 Jul 1918 The Bn moved back into Divisional Reserve taking over accommodation from 1st S.G. in trenches about W.18.d.A field firing range & assault course were made in the neighbourhood & all platoons were put through a field firing practice and assault practice.

The pioneers worked on construction of shelters in the trenches. The baths at RANSART were used.

18 – 19 Jul 1918 The Bn relieved the 1st S.G. in front line as follows. No 2 Coy Outpost Coy, No 1 Coy R. Coy. RED LINE, No 4 Coy L.Coy RED LINE, No 3 Coy in SUGARY.The tour had now been increased from 4 to 6 days so Bn was not relieved till 24/25th inst. Relief was quiet & over by 1.15 am.

Work was concentrated on improving RED LINE by laying down duckboards, digging sumps, latrines etc.

20 – 21 Jul 1918 No 3 Coy relieved No 2 Coy as Outpost Coy.
22 – 23 Jul 1918 No 4 Coy relieved No 3 Coy as Outpost Coy.
23 Jul 1918 Americans were attached to Bn for instructions as follows: 15 Officers, 30 Sgts & 55 Cpls. They were distributed between Coys & Bn HQ.During the above tour two Officers patrols of 1 Rifle & 1 L.G. Section were out nightly to keep control of “No mans’ Land” & if possible obtain a prisoner. Of these patrols one was joined nightly by BHQ. Patrol partly under the Intelligence Officer Lt E.N. DE GEIJER.

Lt S.FAIRBAIRN, 2/Lt P.GORDON & 2/Lt S. CALVOCORESSI joined Bn. Details were posted to No 2, 3 & 1 Coy respectively.

Casualties during tour 12 OR wounded, 1 OR D of wounds.

24 Jul 1918 The Bn was relieved by 1st C.G. & moved back to support.Dispositions:

No 1 Coy as R. Coy in WINDMILL SWITCH
No 2 Coy  as L. Coy in WINDMILL SWITCH
No 3 Coy as support Coy in HAMEAU SWITCH
No 4 Coy as Reserve at x.13.d.6.2.

Lewis Gun classes, Bombing & Musketry were carried out. Baths at RANSART were used. Accommodation was made in WINDMILL SWITCH for No 1 Coy of C.G. in front line, who were relieved by No 1 Coy of American Troops.

Weather was very bad & much work was needed to keep up the trenches.

27 Jul 1918 3 American Officers, 15 Sgts, 22 Cpls & 8 ?runners? were attached to the Bn for instruction from the 27th-29th inst.
30 – 31 Jul 1918 Bn moved back into Divisional Reserve.
31 Jul 1918 The Comdg. Officer took Coy Commdrs in tactical scheme.The Bn cleaned up in the morning & played games in the afternoon. Packs were brought up from Details.

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