July and August 1915

3rd Grenadier Guards, 2nd Guards Brigade, Guards Division – July and August 1915

Note: The Battalion was stationed in Wellington Barracks, London (Next to Buckingham Palace) from August 1914 to 26 July 1915 when they were posted to France. The diary starts on the day of their departure.

26 July 1915 Paraded at CHELSEA BARRACKS at 4 a.m.
Colonel H. STREATFEILD (Commanding the Regiment) read out messages (1) from H.M. the KING Colonel-in-chief and (2) from H.R.H. the Duke of CONNAUGHT Colonel of the Regiment.The battalion completed to war establishment, but with 24 Officers only, entrained at WATERLOO – right half battalion and HdQrs at 5.25a.m. left half battalion at 6.50. arrived at SOUTHAMPTON at 8.30 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. Embarked at 5.30 p.m. in the Clyde steamboat “Queen Alexander”, which was met by a Destroyer after passing through the boom across the Solent and escorted to LE HAVRE
27 July 1915 Disembarked at LE HAVRE at 7 a.m. (Transport and horses got off from another ship at 5 p.m.) Marched up to the No. 1 Camp at St ADDRESSE. (Captain Sir F. Bathurst Gren Gds disembarked to Batt.)
28 July 1915 Paraded in Camp at 12.30 p.m. and marched down to the “Gare de Marchiandres” Le HAVRE. entrained (The Military transport Officer was Major G. Heneage Gren Gds)Train started at 5.45 p.m. and ran via ROUEN ABBEVILLE-BOULOGNE-CALAIS to St. OMER.
29 July 1915 On arrival at G.H.Q. the train was sent on to WIZERNES where the Battalion detrained at 3.30 p.m. and marched to billets at ESQUERDES.
30 July 1915 In billets.
31 July 1915 In billets at ESQUERDES. 2.30 p.m. the Battalion was inspected by Brig: Gen L.A.H. STOPFORD Commanding G.H.Q. Troops
Diary of 3rd Batt Grenadier Guards for August 1915 kept by G.F.M. Montgomerie, Major
1 August 1915
Sunday. Church Parade under Company arrangements. In billets. Lt H.R.H. Prince of Wales, Grenadier Gds visited the Officers.
2 August 1915
Marched to HELFAUT for Company Training.
3 August 1915
All available Officers spent the day at Machine Gun School at WISQUES
4 August 1915
————————– do —————————
5 August 1915
Officers and Sergeants proceeded by Motor Bus to St VENANT to view Trench Mortars in operation. The 1st Bn Gren Gds arrived at WIZERNES from the Trenches
6 August 1915
Company Training
7 August 1915
—— “ ——- “ ——
8 August 1915
Sunday. Battalion paraded for Divine Service in a Meadow A Squadron of the 1st Life Guards arrived in ESQUERDES from England, to form Div: Cavalry for the Guards Division
***Note from transcriber: No entries 8 August – 11 August***
12 August 1915
17 August 1915
Battalion in billets – Company Training daily route marching and Trench digging. received much assistance from the staff at the Machine Gun School at WISQUES 2nd Batt Scots Guards arrived at WIZERNES
18 August 1915
The Battalion took part in a review held on the Aviation ground West of ST OMER.Two other Battalions were present viz :- the 1st Bn: Grenadiers under Lt: Col G. Trotter and the 2nd Bn: Scots Guards under Lt: Col H Cator. As Col Corry took command of the Brigade the command of the 3rd Batt devolved upon Major Montgomerie. The occasion was an interesting one insomuch as the two Ministers of War inspected the Brigade viz:- Monsieur Millerand and Lord Kitchener. F.M. Sir John French and his staff accompanied the Ministers of War. The 4th Batt: Grenadiers under Lt: Col G. Hamilton arrived at BLENDUERQES from England – too late to take part in the Review
19 Aug 1915
The Guards Division is still in course of formation under M.Gen EARL of CAVAN who arrived on this day at his H.Q. at LUMBRES.[The 3rd Bn: is to be part of the 2nd Brigade under Brig Gen: LOWTHER (H.Q. at QUELMES) the other Battalions will lie the 1st Scots (Lt. Col Godman) from the front, and the 2nd Bn Irish Guards (Lt. Col Butler) newly formed from home.] The 2nd Bn Irish Guards arrived at ACQUIN on the 20th.
***Note from transcriber: No entries 20 August – 21 August***
22 Aug 1915
The strength of the Battalion as shown on the  “Field Return” Army Form B 213 of this date was 25 Officers (including Med: Off) 996 Other ranks (excluding attached) 8 over establishment
23 Aug 1915
Brig: Gen: LOWTHER being appointed MIL: Sec to the C-in-C vice Gen: Hon W. LAMBTON, the command of the 2nd Guards Brigade has been taken over by Brig: Gen John PONSONBY, of the Coldstream Guards.
***Note from transcriber: No entries 24 August – 25 August***
26 Aug 1915
The 4 Service Battalions of the Regiment being within reach of one another, a Regimental Dinner was arranged to take place in the refectory of a Large Convent at WHISK ***WISQUES***, now used as the Machine Gun School of the whole army. 98 Officers attended including M.Gen: Lord CAVAN commanding the Guards Div and a few guests. A complete list of Officers attending was sent home to the Regimental Orderly Room.
***Note from transcriber: No entries 27 August – 30 August***
31 August 1915
The Battalion continued training daily on Trench digging, use of machine guns and hand grenades, and route marching.On this day Maj Gen Sir F. Lloyd (late Gren Gds) Comm of Lond dist + Brigade of Guards arrived on a visit to the C in C. He ???? all the Battalions of the Brigade.

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