June 1916

3rd Grenadier Guards – War Diary

1 Jun 1916 Marched into VOLKERINGHOVE. The Brigade marched past the Army Commander, Corps Commander & Divisional Commander in ESQUELBECQ. Billets were fair but scattered.The Brigade then dug a complete representation to scale of German trenches, ?founded? on W side by road running through KOLN FARM* in from C.14.C.8.4 ½ – C14 a.9.7. and on E side by junction of ???? with trench at C19.C.1.8. Our own lines were also dug roughly. The whole system was revetted with sandbags, and took 3 days to complete.

The assault of the German lines was then practiced on the following lines – The assault to take place in 5 waves – 5th wave being carrying company provided by a Battalion other than actual assaulting Battalion. The two leading companies to assault in two waves, the second following about 50 yards in rear of the first.

The two waves to cross German front line trench without getting into it and push on to the objective, roughly sp????? the German third line. The third wave to pass over German front line and take and consolidate German second line. 4th wave to take German front line. Strong bombing parties on both flanks of all companies. Further bombing parties ?expected? roughly opposite German CTs. Bombing parties of leading two waves to ?control? flanks in German CTs. Bombing parties of rear two to clear CTs forward and get into trench with two leading waves.

All men to carry 2 mills grenades & 4 sandbags ???? through web equipment in front. Every 3rd man to carry a shovel ?sling?. R.E. material and T ????? Ammunition to be carried by 5th wave. Signals to be visual by means of venetian ?shutters? during daytime. At night there being Roman candles to show position of waves.

The active form of the assault was carried out by Battalion at the beginning of the training. Owing to the ??????? especially mentioned on the left, between lines so great, it was found necessary to move the first two waves out about 60-70 yards into No Man’s land before the time of the actual assault. The right company of the Brigade did not do the above as on this frontage trenches were much nearer.

After all Battalions had practiced, Brigade training began. Two Battalions to be in front line + 2 companies of supporting Battalions. The assault was practiced on the night of the 13th.

A trench ST JULIEN 1/40,000.
***Note by transcriber: No entries 2 – 13 June 1916***
13 – 15 Jun 1916 On the afternoon of the 13th orders were received to be prepared to move on the following morning. The Battalion moved in the Motor ????? and buses on morning of 14th into CAMP A about ½ mile W of VLAMERTINGHE. This move was necessitated by the heavy losses and ??????tion of the Canadians. We accordingly relieved 9th Canadian Bde on the night of 15th. This Bn had 1 company in YPRES and 3 companies at W end of ZILLEBEKE LAKE.
16 – 17 June 1916 In dug-outs. These were our dispositions for 3 days. On the second night 16/17th the Scots Guards who were in the front line were subjected to a terrific bombardment, but the shelling was confined to SANCTUARY WOOD and it’s environs and we did not suffer.
18 – 19 Jun 1916 On the night 19/20th we relieved 1st Bn Scots Gds as follows 2 companies in front line in SANCTUARY WOOD as far as VIGO ST on right and just N of GOUROCK road on left 1 company just N of MAPLE COPSE 1 company in ZILLEBEKE SWITCH by just E of ZILLEBEKE village. The front line system seemed highly defensible, as SANCTUARY WOOD was cut to pieces by shell fire, and the ground pitted with shell holes. In addition the Germans whilst in occupation of our British front line had put up a considerable quantity of wire. This combined with the natural obstacles of fallen trees, branches and debris made any approach on part of enemy very difficult. It must have been nearly impossible to get good observation on our trenches.Reconnaissance  proved that the enemy was not occupying the old British Front line but had withdrawn into his old trenches. The old British front line was full of German dead, equipment and ammunition. The principal work to be done was salvage, in occupying the trenches, establishing bombing posts S.A.A. stores and grenade stores, in burying the dead, improving CTs, establishing communication.

All this was put in hand. Strong bombing posts and blocks were put out on the flanks and in GOUROCK ROAD. All trenches were strengthened. Stores were brought up. Over 350 rifles and huge quantities of equipment were collected. Communication was established between all companies and with IRISH GDS on our left.

Trench ZILLEBEKE 1/40,000 & sheet
20 Jun 1916 On morning of 20th SANCTUARY WOOD was fairly heavily shelled see margin for casualties 1 Officer W ?Worsley?
1 O.R. killed
2 D of W
3 O.R. Wound
21 Jun 1916 Were relieved without incident by 42nd Canadian Highlanders, entrained at ASYLUM YPRES detrained and marched to Camp D in A30
21 – 28 Jun 1916 In Camp “D”. Training was principally to drill, bombing, Lewis gunners and in making a reserve of trained stretcher bearers.
29 – 30 Jun 1916 On ???day shell fired in ???? enfilade killed 5 and wounded 3 men working on a  P?????. 4 other men slightly wounded on working parties. 5 O.R. killed
7 O.R. wou
30 Jun 1916 Canal Bank. Quiet.

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  1. Roger Blinko said:

    Casualties as per CWGC
    001 BLIGH AC 23162 3RD BN 29/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    002 FRASER WJP 24483 3RD BN 20/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    003 HEALEY RR 20081 3RD BN 24/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    004 HODGES A 13228 3RD BN 14/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    005 PALMER WW 18942 3RD COY 4TH BN 11/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    006 REVILL F 20102 3RD BN 29/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    007 SCOTT J 20082 3RD BN 21/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    008 SHORT H 21304 3RD BN 30/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    009 SMITH S 22997 3RD BN 30/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    010 STOLLE HJ 16779 3RD BN 29/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS
    011 WEBSTER SH 18326 3RD BN 20/06/1916 GRENADIER GUARDS

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