June 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Jun 1918 After Coy relief, dispositions in left subsector of Bde was as follows:- No 1 Coy R.Front, No 2 Coy L.Front, No 4 Coy Support, No 3 Coy Reserve. Ref. AYETTE
2 Jun 1918 At 2.0 am – 2.30 am on night of 1/2nd H.Q. and Reserve Coy were heavily bombarded with Blue Cross Gas Shells. 4 casualties. Remainder of tour uneventful.Lieut. G.A. Cornish M.C. joined Battn & posted to No 1 Coy.
3 – 4 Jun 1918 The following award announced in London Gazzette:- Major Viscount Lascelles. Distinguished Service Order.Relieved by 1/S.Gds. Quiet relief. Dispositions in reserve. No 1 Coy. trenches W.24.c.5.9. No 2 Coy near B.H.Q. (x.19.c.5.2). No 3 Coy bank W.24.c.9.2. No 4 Coy bank x.19.d.2.8.

Whilst Battn was in reserve, Musketry and L/Gun training was carried out. After cleaned up and kits were made up preparatory to Div. Relief on 7th inst.

7 – 8 Jun 1918 Relieved by 52nd Light Infantry. During afternoon, the Commanding Officer and the Adjutant went to LA BAZEQUE (V.21.Central) with the Details from ST AMAND to billet for Battalion.Battalion arrived about 11.0 pm. No 1 Coy was billetted in LA BAZEQUE farm V.21.b. Bde H.Q., Bn H.Q. and No 3 Coy LA BAZEQUE, V.21.Central. No 2 & 4 Coys in tents & shelters in wood in V.26.

These latter Coys had plenty of accommodation. Remaining billets were taken over in a very dirty state, but were soon considerably improved and were, on the whole, good.

8 Jun 1918 Commanding Officer held conference of all Officers and Sergeants at Bn H.Q., and discussed training.
9 Jun 1918 Parade Service 10 am. Brigadier took Commanding Officer and Adjutant in Advance Guard and Outpost scheme.
9 – 15 Jun 1918 No 5163 S/M A.M.Hill M.C. was awarded D.C.M. (authority London Gazette 7th).Major Coulon (3rd Army Instructor) lectured Battalion on P & B Training.

Individual training was carried out during week ending 15th inst. Recreational training , (football, Rounders etc.) in the afternoons. 2 Coys paraded daily for drill & short route marches; remainder P & B.T., Musketry & Wiring practice.

2nd in Command took subaltern Officers & Sergeants in schemes on the ground. All drill, training in Musketry, Lewis Guns & Rifle Grenades was made under supervision of the Bn H.Q. Instructors. A 30 yards Range was available in V.20.d. and a Bullet & Bayonet House was also made.

Training area was shared with 1/C.Gds. Area in V.21.d. and V.27.a & b being allotted to Battalion on alternate days.

16 Jun 1918 Parade Service at 10.0 am.
17 Jun 1918 Lecture on R.A.F. by Major James.Training was carried out on same lines as first week, up till Friday, when Platoon training was begun. 2nd in Command took Corporals on schemes.

Lecture given by Medical Officer on sanitation and first aid.

20 Jun 1918 Battalion sports were held.7736 C.Q.M. T.R. ?Card?, 10421 C.Q.M. T. Trotter ?. and 16648 Sgt. A Waspe awarded M.S.M. (authority: London Gazette. 20th inst.)
21 – 22 Jun 1918 Coys practiced simple Platoon schemes under direction of the Commanding Officer. Wiring was done under Bde Instructors.
23 Jun 1918 Demonstration of use of cover by Lewis Gunners, when advancing for the attack, was organised and given by the Ass.Adjutant at 9.30 am. Parade service at 10.0 am.Platoon and Company training was done during week ending 29th inst.
24 Jun 1918 Lieut. R.G. West joined the Battn. and was posted to No 4 Coy.Battn (less No 4 Coy) went on a route march to BAVINCOURT (DIV:H.Q.). On arrival No 3 Coy went to baths. No 4 Coy to baths at LA CAUCHIE.

The Battn (less No 3 & 4 Coys were lectured by the S.C.T. on “Central Europe”. After lecture No 1 & 2 Coys bathed and marched back independently.

Lieut. G.G. Carstairs M.C. joined Battn and was posted to No 2 Coy.

25 Jun 1918 The Battn witnessed a demonstration – Gas Projector Attack – on ground S. of LA HERLIERE. V.10.a at 10 pm.
26 Jun 1918 Commanding Officer held conference on training.A second demonstration of Lewis Guns in the attack was arranged by the Ass. Adjutant.
27 Jun 1918 Advance Guard & Outpost Scheme carried out by No 1 & 2 Coys. No 3 & 4 Coys, Platoon route march & tactical scheme.
28 Jun 1918 The Div. carried out a practice move to Rendezvous, in case of a German breakthrough. Bde rendezvous was S. of BERLES-AU-BOIS (W.26.d.). Orders were received at 8.15 am to move at once. All platoons were outside billeting area on route marches. Coys reached their positions at about 12 noon. As soon as Brigade was present, Battns marched back to billets.
29 Jun 1918 Nos 3 & 4 Coys carried out, Advance Guard & Outpost scheme and Nos 1 & 2 Coys Platoon route marches.At this time there were about 150 men sick with a “P.U.O.” (a species of influenza) lasting about 3 or 4 days. these men were ordered to lie out in the open during the day.
30 Jun 1918 Parade Service 10.30 am

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