November 1916

3rd Grenadier Guards – War Diary

1 – 8 Nov 1916 In billets HEUCOURT. Training in musketry, wiring, open warfare. Lewis Gunners and bombers continued their training under their respective officers. A stretcher bearer class was also undertaken by the medical officer. 6th Nov Capt. I. St. C. Rose joined the Bn
9 – 10 Nov 1916 On 9th November 1st line of transport moved to MEULTE. Companies left their camp kettles. Bn went for a 6 mile route march.
11 Nov 1916 Bn marched to a rendezvous  on the AIRAINES-CAMP-EN-AMIENOIS road and embussed in french lorries at 11 am. Debussed between MERICOURT & TREUX at 4 p.m. and marched into billets at MEAULTE. Billets very dierty.
12 – 14 Nov 1916 Spent in improvements of billets.
15 Nov 1916 Bn moved into camp at MANSELL CAMP near CARNOY. Accommodation very poor and men very uncomfortable. Transport lines in a very bad condition. Weather cold.
16 Nov 1916 Spent in improving the camp by making chalk roads. Freezing ?land?.
17 Nov 1916 Bn was employed on improving main FRICOURT-CARNOY road. Freezing ?land?.
18 Nov 1916 Bn provided 500 men for improving the camp and making horse standings, pallets, & QM’ stores.
19 Nov 1016 Sunday
20 Nov 1916 The same fatigues as on the 18th.
21 Nov 1916 Moved into camp at the CITADEL. Conditions and accommodation wretched. Weather very cold.
21 – 27 Nov 1916 Spent in routine training and in improving the camp. paths were made, baths put up, an officers mess was constructed etc.
27 – 30 Nov 1916 Moved into camp at L’ARBRE FOURCHEE just N of BRAY. taking over from the French. An excellent camp consisting of huts. Men very comfortable. The line which the Bn is to take over was reconnoitered on the 29th and arrangements were made with the French.Bn was ordered to ?find? Capt I. St. C. Rose to command a composite Labour Bn consisting of 55 O.R. from each Bn in the Division. 2/Lt. ?Holbrock? joined 30th

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