November 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 – 2 Nov 1917 The Battn took part in a Brigade route march.
3 Nov 1917 The Battn practiced an attack, ????? acting as barrage. ?Skeleton? enemy carrying blank ammunition & wearing their caps reversed.
5 Nov 1917 Divisional Rifle ?inspecting?. (Bde stage)
6 Nov 1917 Division reviewed by Gen ANTONINE, Commandant La Premiere Armie Franaire. Owing to rain the parade was ?dismissed?. On left the 1st Bn Scots Guards who formed a guard of honour while Gen Anthoine distributed the CROIX DE GURRE. Among the recipients was Capt Craigie.
7 Nov 1917 Drill competition, won  by No 1 Coy. Second round & Distinction of the Divisional football competition, the Battalion v 1st Scots Guards, resulting in a win for the Battalion 5-1.
9 Nov 1917 Ranges allotted for Musketry. Lewis Guns also practiced F.G.
10 Nov 1917 The Battn moved South to ENGUINEGATTE, marching via ST OMER and BLENDEQUES. Heavy rain all the way. Fairly good billets. Coys not too scattered.
11 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to HEUCHIN by road. Again heavy rain. Fairly good billets but Coys rather scattered. Ref LENS II sheet
12 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to HERNICOURT, near St Pol by road. Billets very scattered.
16 Nov 1917 The Battn moved by march route to the HOUVIN area, six miles S.E. of ST POL. Good billets.
18 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to BAILLEUVAL. 15 mile march. Good billets.
19 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to COURCELLES-LE-COMTE. Good hut camp.
21 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to BEAULENCOURT on the BAPAUME-LE TRANSLOY road. Good ?hutments?. The move was made by bus and at night.
23 Nov 1917 The Battn marched to LEBUCOUIERE on the BAPAUME-CAMBRAI road, moving off at 6 am. Tent camp.
24 Nov 1917 The Battn moved to the RIBECOURT area to trenches in the HINDENBURG SUPPORT LINE. Ref LENS II sheet
25 Nov 1917 Salvage collection in considerable quantities.
26 Nov 1917 The Battn took over the line to-night round the S E edge of BOURLON WOOD, astride the BAPAUME-CAMBRAI road opposite the village of FONTAINE NOTRE DAME. The line was taken over very quickly from the 3rd Bn COLDSTREAM GUARDS. Orders to attack the village of FONTAINE NOTRE DAME in the morning were issued late this afternoon.
27 Nov 1917 The Battn went into action at 6.20 am. Detailed account of the battle is separate. At night were relieved by 1st Bn GG & Bn moved to LA JUSTICE.***Note by transcriber: No separate account of the actions of the 27th are included in the war diary.***
28 Nov 1917 The Battn was relieved and returned to a camp near TRESCAULT.
29 Nov 1917 Left TRESCAULT at 12 noon for RUYAULCOURT. Very good billets.
30 Nov 1917 Owing to a heavy German counter attack the Battn had to move up at short notice in support of 1st Gds & 3rd Gds Bde who were ?driving? the German back from GOUZEAUCOURT. The Battn eventually spent the night having dug slits in GOUZEAUCOURT WOOD.

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