October 1916

3rd grenadier Guards – War Diary
1 Oct 1916 Arrived at billets in HEUCOURT about 10 p.m. after a long journey in the train and a march of 5 miles.
2 – 29 Oct 1916 Training was carried out in accordance with the training schemes given in Appendix “A”.It was thought probable that the division would move into the line on the 14th, so the scheme was ??????? on.From the 18th training continued on the same lines. All companies did field firing after 5 rounds rapid and 5 rounds deliberate had been fired by each man.There were two Battalion field days in which advance guards, flank guards and similar tactical schemes were practiced. The schemes are given in appendix “B”.
29 – 30 Oct 1916 The Battalion took part on 29th & 30th in rehersals for the inspection by the Colonel of the Regiment.
31 Oct 1916 On 31st there was a divisional rehearsal for the same.
Appendix AThe time for, training is very short and Officers cannot be too keen and energetic in pushing forward the training of their Coys.

Until 11th. October (inclusive) individual training of their Coys. is to be proceeded with and very great care is to be taken that faults are corrected at once and are not allowed to develop into habits.

From 12th to 18th inclusive there will be Battalion Parade daily at 8.30 a.m. and otherwise Companies will be at the disposal of their Commanders.

After 18th. Right and Left Coys will be at my disposal on alternate days. The other 2 Coys will continue with their company training.

During wet weather Companies will arrange for training to continue under cover (suitable barns are to be reconnoitered at once).

In addition, instruction will be given in –

(a) Trench Routine, (b) Open Fighting. (c) Protection. (d) Dimensions & correct designations of all types of trenches such as saps, parallels etc. (e) Regimental History. (f) Customs and discipline of the Regiment by means of short lectures.

Musketry and Bayonet Fighting will be done in gas helmet order by all ranks (especially young Officers and drafts.) Helmets to be worn for at least 20 minutes. In musketry attention is to be paid to the following:-

(i) The Firing Position (ii) Aiming (aiming discs) (iii) Rapid Loading (dummies) (iv) Control by fire Unit Commander (v) Descriptive Points (clock method) (vi) Special Practice for Snipers and Lewis Gunners.

Officers and N.C.Os will be examined in all the Military Subjects in which they should be proficient. Leave will not be granted to those who are not proficient.

Company Commanders will render to the Orderly Room by 6 pm daily the programme of work for the next day. The return will be made out as follows:-

Hour (e.g. 8.30am – 9.30am) —— No. Company Training (e.g. Musketry descriptive points & rapid loading ——— Place (e.g. In field 200 yards N E of Coy H.Q.)

The instruction of specialists (stretcher bearers, Signallers and Lewis Gunners) will proceed independently. Training scheme will be issued on 9th and 17th to show further allotment of ground, range and Instruction.


From 4th October to 11th October  inclusive except Sunday.

(a) 8.30am to 10 am All Company Officers except Company Commanders & N.C.Os of all companies to parade under the adjutant. Inf. Training para 13 — 74.
(b) Company arrangements v below.
(c) 2.0 pm. Officers as above and all N.C.Os to parade under the adjutant.
(d) 2.30 pm. Practice Drill.
(e) Punishment Parade will be paid at 4.0 pm. Retreat will be at 5.0 pm.


(1) Ref. Coy. arrangements above Coys will practice under their Coy Commanders & half their N.C.Os.
(1) Musketry
(2) Bayonet Fighting.
(3) Bombing.
(4) Physical Drill.

Each Company will have the services of Lieut. F. Anson from 10.30 am — 12 Noon for bombing every 4th day and of Lieut. Hon. a. G. Agar Robartes for Lewis gunners every 4th day beginning the day after he returns from the course. This will be carried out in order No. 1,2,3 and 4 Coys
(2) Companies will send as many men as detailed by the medical officer daily to Medical Inspection Room at 10.30 am daily to be trained as stretcher bearers.
(3) No.12597 Sgt. Smith No. 2 Coy. will attend morning parade daily to be instruct young Officers.
(4) Parade Ground is at N.E. end of HEUCOURT above the Church.
(5) Company-in-waiting will detail a picquet Officer daily reporting his name to the O.R. by 12 Noon daily. he will inspect and turn out all Billet Guards. Otherwise his duties will be as usual.

(sd) O. Lyttleton Capt. & Adjt
3rd Bn Grenadier Guards


2nd Guards Bde is holding a sector of the line which runs through BOIS DE GAMBOS – E of HEUCORT – D. of B. D. HEUCOURT – CROQUOISON village.

3rd Bn Gren Gds hold from 300 yards S. of track running through B of B.D.HEUCOURT.

1st Bn Cold Gds continue line Southwards.
20th Div to the North.

Nos 3 & 4 are holding front line.
Nos 1 & 2 are in support in the field in rear of No 4 Coys billets.

Bn H.Q. at the Orderly Room.

Transport by the Pond.

Patrols sent out at “STAND TO” discovered the hostile trenched unoccupied as far W. as point 128.

An Order is received from 2nd Guards Bde that 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards & 1/ C.Gds are to advance in bearing of 263 degrees and are to pass a line N & S through the Mill just E. of point 128 at 10.15 a.m.

They are to make good LEFAY and line of LEFAY-EPAUMESNIL road.

The left of 3rd Bn Gren Gds to be on the point where track running through A of LEFAY joined the road.

The Battalion Operation Order will be issued on the ground to-morrow.

(sd) Andrew Thorne . Lieut. Colonel
Commanding 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards
Issued 8.45 p.m. October 19th 1916

Appendix B

3rd Bn grenadier Guards
General Idea of Operations on October 23rd 1916

2nd Guards Bde are holding line of trenches across HILL 74 between the roads from AIRAINES to METIGNY and ALLERY.

1/ C.G. are on R. & 3/ G.G on L. (with one Company on each side of METIGNY road).

There has been much less shelling during the past few days and on the afternoon 22nd. inst the enemy made an unsuccessful attack on our trenches.

The patrols sent out at “STAND TO” on 23rd inst discovered the enemy’s front line system unoccupied.

2nd Gds Bde order 1/C.G. & 3/G.G to advance and make good the line of ALLERY – METIGNY road.

On completion of this movement 1 squadron K.E.H. (imaginary) will move through followed by van’gd consisting of Nos 3 & 4 Coys, under Capt C.M.C. Dowling.

Nos 1 & 2 Coys will be reformed in rear of van’gd and will follow on as head of main G’d.

The ad’gd is directed on line FRETTE-CUSSE-FRESNOY.


(1) There will be hostile opposition.
(2) Marked enemy under Lt. Anson will consist of 6 men per Coy and they will wear steel helmets.
(3) A limbered wagon will represent 1.18 pdr and will move near H’d of main G(d
(4) Nos 1 & 2 Coys in front line, 3 support, 4 reserve. will be in position in HILL 74 trenches by 10 a.m.
(5) Orders for the advance will be issued on the ground.

(sd) Andrew Thorne . Lieut. Colonel
Commanding 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards
Issued 8.45 p.m. October 21st 1916

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