October 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 Oct 1918 The Battn found a working party on the HAVRINCOURT-FLESQUIRES ROAD from 0900 to 1600.
2 Oct 1918 At 0900 hours the Major General watches the Battalion carrying out practice attack.
3 Oct 1918 Battalion parade under the Adjutant.
4 Oct 1918 Training. Demonstration of smoke rifle grenades.
5 Oct 1918 Route march, finishing up with a practice attack in a smoke grenade barrage.
6 Oct 1918
1000 Church Parade.
1200 Warning order received to move in the evening.
1600 Move postponed until 7th.
1700 Warning order received to attack shortly.
7 Oct 1918
1730 Battn moved to Camp at PREMY CHAPPELLE
8 Oct 1918
0430 Attack by 62nd Division.
0630 battn at one hours notice.
1100 battn moved to MASNIERES.
1315 Battn was reported present in concentration area.
2315 Battn marched off to assembly area.
9 Oct 1918
0200 Orders for the attack were received. Operation Order No 74 was issued to Coys.
0215 Battn was reported present present in assembly position.
0600 Bn H.Q. and Reserve Coy moved to FORENVILLE.
0630 The objective was reported occupied. No enemy had been encountered and there had been absolutely no hostile shelling. About 25 casualties were reported from our own barrage.
0830 Red dotted line (E. of WAMBAIX COPSE) reported occupied.
0845 Bn H.Q. and No 3 Coy moved to Southern edge of WAMBAIX COPSE. Message was sent to “Transport” for “A” echelon.
1030 Green dotted line (ESTOURNEL) was reported occupied without opposition. Enemy M.G.’s were reported firing from the CAMBRAI-BEAUVOIS ROAD. 1st Brigade, on the right were reported not to be up in line with us. No 2 Coy in the left was ordered to press forward to the CAMBRAI-BEAUVOIS ROAD.
1600 Report from No 2 Coy (time 1500) reporting IGNIEL and blue dotted line occupied, but heavy casualties being suffered from M.G’s on right and from enemy 5.9’s firing at long range. A patrol of Oxfordshire ??????? was sent out through 1st Bn Coldstream Guards on our left.
1630 Orders received to obtain touch with Cavalry Patrol in B17.c. As patrol had been withdrawn to V.22.c. the Commanding Officer decided to suspend this operation.
1730 Orders received to put out an Outpost Line after dark with Coys E. of CAMBRAI-BEAUVOIS ROAD and 2 Coys in green dotted line E. of ESTOURMEL.
1830 Warning order received of probable further advance in the morning.
2030 Bn H.Q. moved to GRANDE SHANTELL H.5.A.Y.0. outpost line reported complete 2359 hours. No 1 Coy on the right, No 2 on the left, No 4 R.Support, No 3 L. Support.
O.O. No 74
10 Oct 1918
0300 Orders for advance received. 1st Bn S/G to pass through Outpost line at 0500 hrs and continue the advance by bounds, the Battn to be in Support and move astride the ESTOURMEL-CARNIERES_BOUSSIERES-ST HILAIRE ROAD. No 3 Coy on Right, No 4 Coy on left, No 1 in Support, No 2 in Reserve.
1230 Bn HQrs and Reserve Coy established E. of BOUSSIERES.
1330 1st Bn S/G held up W of ST. HILAIRE.
1900 1st Bn S/G ordered to establish an outpost line for the Night. The Battn found two Coys in close support under the orders of O.C. 1st S/G. Two Coys of 1st C/G placed under orders of the C.O.
O.O. 9th/10th
11 Oct 1918
0130 Orders received that 3rd Guards Brigade would pass through outpost line and continue the advance at 0500 hours. Battn was ordered to concentrate in V.30.d. and V35.c. W. of ST VAAST.
0900 3rd Guards Brigade held up by M.G’s and situation at ST VAAST obscure. The Commanding Officer concentrated the Battn in N.W. portion of ST HILAIRE.
1245 All Coys were comfortably installed and plentiful supply of vegetable and forage was found.
1315 Estimated casualties up to this point from morning of the 9th – 4 Killed, 51 Wounded, 2 Gassed.
1400 Warning order received that the battn will remain in ST HILAIRE for the night.
12 Oct 1918 Battalion bathed in German baths.
13 October 1918 0730 Warning order received that 2nd Guards Brigade would pass through 3rd Guards Brigade, and would be ready to move at 1000 hours. 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards on Right, 1st Bn Coldstream Guards on Left, & 1st Bn Scots Guards in Reserve.
0800 Warning order received to be at immediate notice to move, as 3rd Guards Brigade were crossing LA SELLE RIVER.
1000 Warning order cancelled. Orders received that dinners were to be finished by 1300 hours and Battn to be under two hours notice after that time.
1430 All warning orders cancelled. Instructions received to relieve 2nd S/G that night.
1445 The battn marched off.
2230 Relief complete & Bn H.Q. established in house at 5 cross roads S. of ST. VAAST.
No 4 Coy:- 2 Platoons in village, 2 Platoons & C.H.Q. in Rly. (left half of sector)
No 3 Coy:- 2 Platoons in Rly (right half of sector), 2 Platoons in the main line of resistance “Ridge in D4 central”.
No 1 Coy:- Main line of resistance, D4 central.
No 2 Coy:- In Reserve at 5 cross roads, S. of ST VAAST.2230 Orders were received to patrol ST PYTHON. E. of the RIVER SELLE.
Lieut. R.G. GUNTHER & 8 O.R. captured 1 prisoner.
O.O.13th Oct
14 Oct 1918 0005 Order received to establish a Bridgehead across the River and No 4 Coy were warned for this operation.
0400 Bridgehead established with 2 platoons dug in on E. BANK OF RIVER, & 2 platoons and C.H.Q. at V29.d.8.8. & 2 remaining platoons and C.H.Q. of No 3 moved up to Rly. No 4 Coy moved to main line of resistance (RIDGE D4 CENTRAL).
1000 Bn H.Q. moved to D4 CENTRAL.
15 Oct 1918 0405 Heavy Barrage put down as far back as Bn H.Q. (Gas & H.E.).
2000 2/Lieut H.J.B. Smith and 2 sections patrolled to northernmost house in ST PYTHON, found it empty, and occupied it. 2/Lieut. Donnison and 2 sections then proceeded Southward down ST PYTHON-HAUSSY ROAD, but met with heavy M.G. and rifle fire and bombing, and were unable to progress, 2 men were wounded and could not be brought back. 2/Lieut. ?Smith’s? post was attacked but he repulsed enemy.
2300 The Bde ordered withdrawal of 2/Lieut. Smith’s post. Casualties:- 2 Wounded and Missing & 3 Wounded.
16 Oct 1918 0330 Heavy barrage put down by enemy as on previous day.
0630 Front Coy reported enemy massing on ST PYTHON-HAUSSY ROAD.
0745 Front Coy reported enemy digging on ST PYTHON-HAUSSY ROAD.
0830 An artillery shoot was arranged on the ST PYTHON-HAUSSY ROAD for 2 hours from 1100 hours. Platoons E. of the River withdrawn to the MILL.
1110 Artillery shot short and was stopped firing.
Casualties 1 O.R. Killed 4 O.R. Wounded.
17 Oct 1918
0900 Orders received that Battn would be relieved by 1st Bn S/G that night. Bridgehead withdrawn and wired after dark, one platoon to remain in the MILL W. of the River.
1950 Relief complete. Battn proceeded to ST VAAST.
The Battn was comfortably billeted in cellars and houses. There was Gas shelling in the night.
19 Oct 1918 The Battn bathed at ST HILAIRE.
20 Oct 1918 Training.
21 Oct 1918 Battn at 2 hours notice to move.
22 Oct 1918
1600 Battn came out of the line and moved to BOUSSIERES.
23 Oct 1918 General swabbing.
24 Oct 1918
1415 Moved to ST HILAIRE. The Battn was billeted in the FACTORY at ST HILAIRE.
25 Oct 1918 Battn parade and Training.
26 Oct 1918 0830 Battn parade and Training.
0930 Fire and Movement was practiced.
27 Oct 1918 Church parade. Concert was held at 1800 in the FACTORY.
28 Oct 1918 Battn parade and Training.
29 Oct 1918 0935 The Major General inspected the Battn on parade ground C.12.a.
1200 – 1630 Battalion bathed.
30 Oct 1918 Training.
31 Oct 1918
Coys were paraded for Company drill. In the afternoon the Battn moved to ST PYTHON.

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