September 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 – 3 Sep 1917
The Battn remained at De WIPPE CAMP till the 4th inst. Wiring, making breastworks and ?slight? operations were done. Sheet 28 N.W.
4 Sep 1917 Moved to ETON CAMP (B7d99). This camp was tented, and was close to railway, consequently there was considerable bombing by hostile aircraft and the Battn suffered 40 casualties.
5 Sep 1917 400 men were required for laying duckboards in the forward area. Individual training was done and young corporals paraded under the ???? ???? daily. The assault was practiced as there was a possibility of the Battn taking part in a local attack.
13 Sep 1917 The Battn moved to RUGBY CAMP (BLOC) where individual training was continued. Camp was shelled intermittently at night but there were no casualties. Each tent on bivouac was dug down so that the men had cover from shell fire.
17 – 18 Sep 1917 Relieved the 1st Bn Scots Guards in the right sub sector of BROENBEEK sector. Disposition No 1 Coy Right front No 2 Left Front. No 3 Support. No 4 Reserve. HQ in MARTINS MILL (U22C12). A fairly good relief though considerable difficulty was found in getting the Lewis Guns to the line. As RUGBY DUMP (where guns had been dumped) was heavily shelled, and guns were only unloaded just in time to enable them to get clear. Ref – BIXSCHOOTE 1/10,000
20 Sep 1917 Owing to an attack taking place on our immediate right there was a good deal of hostile shelling and counter battery work. After a heavy bombardment their attack was made on the 20th, No 1 Coy (R.7) had to lie our behind their ‘slits’ and then walk up close behind the barrage. This manoeuvre was carried out successfully; the extreme right of the Coy was merged in the attack & combined with the 10th K.R.R.C. in taking their objective. The Germans attempted no serious counter attack.Total casualties from 4 days: 6 killed and 28 wounded.
21 – 22 Sep 1917 On night of 21st/22nd the Bn was relieved by 1st Bn Essex Regiment. After relief the Bn entrained at LUNAVILLE FARM & proceeded to PROVEN. Camp was at Fda23 (PENTON). Training consisted of ???? drill, ???????, & specialist training. Young officer were in separate classes for above training.
22 Sep 1917 Major G.E.C. Rasch D.S.O. was posted to command 2nd Bn.
29 Sep 1917 Bn moved to HERZEEZE into same billets as on ?August? 6th, by march route.
30 Sep 1917 Divine Service was held at 10.0 am on Bn Pde Ground.

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