April 1918

3rd Grenadier Guards – War diary

1 – 3 Apr 1918 The remainder of tour in left sub sector of Bde. sector was quiet. Ref sheets 51b & c
3 – 4 Apr 1918 Relieved by 1/SG. Nos 2 & 4 Coys went to Sugar Factory under Capt. Wiggins.Remainder of Battn in hutted camp on BLAIRVILLE-HENDERCOURT road; weather changed and it became very wet. 11 casualties suffered by No 2 Coy. Little training could be done in camp and no movement was possible owing to hostile observation balloons.
5 – 6 Apr 1918 Relieved by 1/GG in right sub sector. Good relief; over by 12.40 am. Dispositions of Coys were – No 3 Coy on Left, No 1 Coy on Right, No 2 Coy in support & No 2 Coy in Reserve.
7 – 8 Apr 1918 Following alterations took place – No 2 Coy was relieved by 2 platoons of 1/CG and No 2 Coy then relieved No 1 Coy who moved into Reserve at Sugar Factory. Relieving Right Flank of 1/SG.Following Officer joined Battn and were posted as follows – Lieut. F.A. Magnay to No.1 Coy, 2/Lieut. R.K. Henderson No 2 Coy, Lieut. C.Clifton Brown No 3 Coy, Lieut. H.W. Sanderson No 4 Coy.
9 – 10 Apr 1918 Relieved by 1/SG and returned to camp on BLAIRVILLE-HENDERCOURT road. Nos 1 & 3 Coys were in Purple line from x.22.d. – x.23.a. There was very little shelter here but a lot of work was done before leaving. The tour in the line had been quiet & without incident.
11 – 12 Apr 1918 Relieved 1/SG in Left sub sector; Dispositions – No 2 on R. No 4 on L. No 1 in Support and No 3 in Reserve. Owing to night being very dark and no movement being possible by day, very little work could be done except wiring which was done nightly.Major R.H.V. Cavendish M.V.O. took Battn in. 4 casualties during tour.
14 – 15 Apr 1918 Relieved by 2nd Bn Berks Regt. (2nd Div). After relief Battn embussed at RANSART and proceeded VIA BEAUMETZ, LES LOGES to LAHERLIERE and LARBRET (V.ID.a.) where it was billeted.Battn. was present in Billets about 4.30 am. The billets were good. The whole Battalion was in huts or barns, with exception of transport who were in bivouacs.

The following Officers joined the Battn and were posted as follows:-

2/Lieut. E.L. Clough Taylor to No 1 Coy, 2/Lieut. R. ?Welacombe? No 1 Coy, 2/Lieut. W.B. L. Manley No 2 Coy, 2/Lieut. H.J. Gibbon No 3 Coy, 2/Lieut. R.C.G. De Reuter No 4 Coy. Reinforcements also joined the Battn and trench strength of Coys was made up to 220 O.R. approx: In addition:

Capt. A.F.R. Wiggins was posted to command No 1 Coy
Lieut. G.A J. ?Davy? was posted to command No 2 Coy
Lieut. C.H. Bedford was posted to command No 4 Coy

Whilst the Battn was at rest, it was at 1 hours notice to move from 9.0 am – 12 noon & 3 hours notice from 12 noon to 9.0 am. Position of Assembly had to be reconnoitered  about W.19.d. where Battn would have to move as soon as an attack started.

Training was conducted on following lines. Steady drill, gas drill and Lewis Gun instruction, musketry, adjutants parades, young officers doing squad drill.

Each man was taught how to fire a Lewis Gun. A small range was available, Lectures by 2nd in Command for Officers in afternoon, Specialists (Signallers, Snipers & Stretcher bearers) paraded daily. There were no parades after ????? except Duties mtg.

17 Apr 1918 The following awards were announced.Lieut. E.G.A. Fitzgerald D.S.O.
Capt. G.A.I. ?Davy? M.C.
Capt. L. Holbech (gassed) M.C.
In addition 3 D.C.M’s and 16 M.M’s were awarded to Battalion
18 Apr 1918 Baths at BAVINCOURT allotted to ½ Bn. Clean clothing available.
20 Apr 1918 Attack was expected on 21st so additional precautions were taken. Breakfast was eaten at 6.45 am. Fresh meat was cooked overnight. Breakfast Roll call was held during breakfasts.
21 Apr 1918 Major General attended parade Service at 10 am.Major The Viscount Lascelles joined the Battn as 2nd in Command and Vice Major R.H.V. Cavendish. M.V.O.
22 Apr 1918 The Commanding Officer went to command Brigade, pending the Brigadiers return.
23 Apr 1918 Coys were organised into 3 platoons – with a H.Q. of a fourth or depot platoon. When Battn went into the line all details were attached to this platoon.
24 Apr 1918 Baths at BAVINCOURT for remainder of Battalion. The Commanding Officer returned.
25 Apr 1918 Battn went into the line relieving 11th Bn Border Regt. (32 DIV) in AYETTE sector (south of sector previously held). Details numbering 480 proceeded by march route to ST. AMAND. transport to POMMIER. Battalion enbussed at LAHERLIERE and debussed at RANSART. Dispositions of Coys – no 1 on Right, No 2 on Left, No 3 in Support and No 4 in Reserve.relief was quiet, & over by 12.0 pm. Front Coys concentrated on wiring. Support & Reserve Coys worked on improvement of trenches.
26 Apr 1918 All quiet. Listening patrols were sent out by front Coys.
27 Apr 1918 Front posts of No 1 Coy were severely shelled between 12-2.0 pm. 2/LT C.L.F. BOUGHEY was wounded.The Battn was relieved by 1st Battn Scots Gds on night of 27th/28th inst. Relief was quiet & over by 11.50 pm. Casualties during tour 6 Kd, 5 Wd.
28 Apr 1918 Battn came into Brigade Reserve. Dispositions:- B.H.Q. & Nos 1 & 2 Coys round x.19.d.0.0. W of RABBIT WOOD. No 4 Coy in PURPLE LINE at x.28.a.2.3., No 3 Coy at w.22.d.4.1.
29 Apr 1918 Baths were available at MONCHY-AU-BOIS for 1, 2 & 3 Coys. Musketry & Lewis Gun firing was carried out.
30 Apr 1918 Musketry & Lewis Gun firing in the morning. battn relieved 1st Bn Coldstream Guards in Right sub-sector of Brigade Front.

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