February 1917

3rd Grenadier Guards – War Diary

1 Feb 1917 The Bn returned from BRIQUETTERIE to its billets at MERICOURT. ALBERT 1/40,000
2 Feb 1917 Adjutant’s parade. 1 Platoon in each Coy. was fitted with the new Box Respirators.
3 Feb 1917 More Box Respirators fitted.
4 Feb 1917 Divine service in the ?Cinema ?Hall conducted by Rev. F,W. Head.
5 Feb 1917 Bn Parade. Fitting of Box Respirators completed today.
6 Feb 1917 The Bn marched to Ville & rehearsed the Drill for the Parade the next day for the benefit of French Generals.
7 Feb 1917 This Bn was chosen from the 2nd Gds Bde to Drill at VILLE before Gen Mac-MAHON Cmg 2nd French Army. He was much struck by the smart and business like appearance of the Bn and by the way in which it carried out its drill.An officer of the R.F.C. lectured to the officers and senior N.C.Os on Contact Patrol Work in the evening.
8 Feb 1917 Training carried on. Two companies shot on the range.
9 Feb 1917 Two remaining Coys. shot on the range. Bn had a bombing accident today owing to a mills adapter bomb bursting prematurely. Lt. W.G. ORRISS & 3 O.R. were wounded, none seriously.
10 Feb 1917 The Bn marched into Divisional Reserve at BILLON FARM taking over the camp vacated by 2nd Bn Grenadier Gds.
11 Feb 1917 Divine service.
12 Feb 1917 Coys. at disposal of Coy. Commanders for training purposes.
13 Feb 1917 Training in Musketry, Bayonet Fighting & Box Respirator Drill proceeded with.
14 Feb 1917 Divl. gas expert was at the disposal of the Bn for further instruction in the use of Box Respirators. Bn found a large number of fatigues today.
15 Feb 1917 The Bn moved to PRIEZ FARM today for fatigue. Three Coys were accommodated in huts at PRIEZ FARM. There had been greatly improved since the Bn had occupied them last. Remaining Coy & 1st line Transport wee billeted at MAUREPAS.
16 – 18 Feb 1917 The Bn was on fatigue. Those fatigues worked day and night by reliefs and were chiefly under the supervision of 183rd Tunneling Coy. A few were carrying parties. ALBERT 1/40,000
19 Feb 1917 The Bn was relieved by 1st Bn Coldstream Gds & returned to camp at BILLON.
20 Feb 1917 The baths were allotted to the Bn today.
21 Feb 1917 The Bn carried out a Drill attack for the Brigadier. Lt. Col. A. Thorne re-joined the Bn after a months leave.
22 Feb 1917 The Bn found 200 men for fatigue. The Brigadier inspected the Box Respirators of the remainder of the Bn.
23 Feb 1917 The Bn again found 200 men for fatigue. 1 Coy carried out a Drill attack. An officer of R.F.C. lectured officers & senior N.C.Os in the afternoon on Contact Patrol Work.
24 Feb 1917 The Brigadier inspected the Bn and S.M.O. in the morning & was satisfied with the appearance & turn-out of the Bn. Coys did some rapid fire on the range.
25 Feb 1917 Divine service at 11.45 AM. Bn found 200 men for fatigue again.
26 Feb 1917 The Bn marched to Y camp MAUREPAS taking over from 2nd Bn Grenadier Gds. The 2nd Gds Bde started to relieve 1st Gds Bde in the line today. ALBERT 1/40,000
27 Feb 1917 The Bn went into the line today occupying the same post as before. The line was taken over from 1st Bn Irish Gds. The relief was a quiet one. two Coys. were in front line + two in support. COMBLES 57C.S.W.
28 Feb 1917 The 29th Division on the left of Brigade front did a minor attack. 2nd Gds Bde supported them with Machine Gun fire. Retaliation on our own post was slight. Work was carried on with on the support line during the day + posts were linked up as far as possible in the front line by night.

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